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Cheif Dayton Saltsman, Public Safety Director
Volume 15, Issue 4 - Winter 2015

Healthy Holiday:  Winter is not only the holiday season; it’s also the cold and flu season. Stay healthy by following these tips. Wash your hands often: keeping your hand clean is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick or spreading germs to others. Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze: use a tissue if one is available; if not, sneeze into your upper sleeve or elbow, not your hands. Dress for the weather: stay warm and dry. Keep holiday stress to a minimum: keep your work, family, social and financial commitments in balance. Your body needs sleep and a good night rest helps to keep your immunity up. Don’t over-indulge at holiday meals or parties, and get adequate sleep.


Fire Department Safety Tips:  Electric space heaters must be used with caution.  Heaters are not dryers:  do not dry clothes or store objects on top of them.  Space heaters need just that – plenty of space around them.  Allow at least three feet of empty space around portable heaters.  Always unplug your space heater when not in use.  Make sure all holiday decorations near your space heater are nonflammable or flame-retardant.

Always keep your live Christmas tree in plenty of water; dry trees are highly combustible.  (Go to to see just how rapidly a dry tree will burn.) Check holiday lights each year for frayed wires, bare spots and gaps in insulation. Tree lights and other heat sources should not be left on when no one is in the room with the tree. Do not overload electric sockets. Avoid real candles if you can. Families that decorate with candles at this time of year should be careful to keep combustible material such as drapes, tablecloths, etc. away from candle flames. And like Christmas tree lights, candles should not be left burning when no one is in the room where they are located. Although electric candles are safer to use, they should also be off when no one is in the room with them.

And here are some holiday safety tips for your pets:  Hang ornaments higher up on the tree to keep out of your pets’ reach.  If an ornament breaks, the small pieces can be swallowed and are very harmful.  If you absolutely must use candles, they should not be left lit when unattended. Do not leave candles where your pets can knock them over, or near flammable decorations.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

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