The proposed millage rate for 2015-2016 is 3.625.  For more information, please see our Proposed 2016 Millage FAQs.  
The Fiscal Year 2014-2015  millage rate for the City of South Pasadena property taxes, or ad valorem taxes is 2.0105.   The millage rate is the rate per each $1,000 of taxable value of your real property (your assessed value less any exemptions).  You may find your assessed property values on your most recent Pinellas County property Tax Bill or at the Pinellas County Property Appraisers Office at

Generally, these ad valorem taxes cover the current operating (or general fund) expenses which are not covered by the City's other revenue sources.  Other revenue sources of the City of South Pasadena include Utility Taxes, Franchise Fees, the half cent Sales Tax, Pinellas County EMS funding, other Shared Revenue from the State and County and investment earnings.

The City has a 10% Utility Tax on electric, water, natural gas and oil.  In addition, the city collects a 6% Franchise Fee on electric and natural gas sales within the city.  Residents of South Pasadena are also charged a 6.32% communications services tax on certain telecommunications, cable, direct-to-home satellite and related services, .60% goes to Pinellas County.  Effective October 1, 2001, the Communications Service Tax of 6.32% (plus .60% for county) replaced the Utility Tax and Franchise Fees on Telecommunications and the Franchise Fee on Cable Services.  See the Department of Revenue website for more information: