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Fire Chief
Florida driver's license required (or ability to obtain)
Salary range $71,400 - $107,100
Please call 727-347-4171 if you have any questions.

Fire Chief Job Description

General Employment Application

Applications due by 4 P.M. on Monday, May 1, 2017.
Please submit applications to:

City Hall
Attn: Personnel Coordinator
7047 Sunset Drive South
South Pasadena, FL 33707

South Pasadena Fire Department Information:

The South Pasadena Fire Department is a small, single station fire department providing Fire and EMS service to the City of South Pasadena, Florida, and surrounding areas. South Pasadena is about 0.6 square miles, and contains one hospital, three nursing homes, and several high rise residential buildings. The population is approximately 5,200 and the average age, in the City itself, is just over 70 years. South Pasadena is bordered on the north by St. Petersburg, to the east by Gulfport, to the south by St. Pete Beach, and to the west by Treasure Island.

The fire department consists of 15 line personnel: 12 firefighters and 3 Lieutenants, all certified as either EMTS or Paramedics, and three administrative staff: the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief of Operations, and an Administrative Secretary. Normal schedule for line personnel is 24 hours on duty followed by 48 hours off duty, but subject to mandatory recall to duty for minimum staffing needs in 12 hour increments.

Being a small department, all personnel must be capable of performing most firefighting functions, including apparatus operator. Our shift personnel rotate assignments on a regular basis to maintain skills in all areas. Cross-training and multi-function capabilities are essential in our personnel.

In fiscal 2016, the department responded to 3,323 emergency service calls, approximately 76% of them for EMS. Our general trend over the last few years has been an increase in call volume of about 50 to 80 calls per year.

Located in Pinellas County, the South Pasadena Fire Department, like all Fire Departments in the County, is dispatched from one central location for both fire and EMS, and has automatic aid agreements with all other fire agencies in Pinellas County. With a standard set of basic SOGs known as the Pinellas County 600 Series, all the fire agencies work together in a functionally consolidated fashion. We regularly train with four closely adjacent and similarly sized fire departments since we routinely respond to fires with them.


FL Certified
Non-smoker, CPAT and Fire TEAM test required.
Register at www.nationaltestingnetwork.com
Please call 727-344-1666 if you have any questions.
Open until filled.

Employment Applications:

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