City Commission

The South Pasadena City Commission is the elected legislative body of our city government. Legislative authority is divided among five commissioners. They are responsible for adopting ordinances (laws) and resolutions (policy), implementing programs and services to meet identified needs and for adopting an annual budget. The Mayor is one of five Commissioners responsible for the administrative services of the City, as well as presiding over Commission meetings and being the official representative of the City.  


From L-R:  Commissioner Gigi Esposito, Vice Mayor Lari Johnson,
Mayor Max Elson, Commissioner David Magenheimer,  & Commissioner Gail Neidinger


max  small

Max V. Elson, Mayor
Administration Department
Term:  3/2016 - 3/2019

 Johnson small

Lari Johnson, Vice Mayor
Community Improvement Department
Term: 3/2015 - 3/2018


Gigi Esposito, Commissioner
Finance Department
Term:  3/2017 - 3/2020


David Magenheimer, Commissioner

Public Works Department
Term: 3/2017 - 3/2020


 Gail professional photo



Gail Neidinger, Commissioner

Public Safety Department
Term: 3/2015 - 3/2018



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