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Volunteer Needed

The City is looking for a volunteer to serve on the Firefighters' Pension Board.  For more information, call City Hall at 727-347-4171.

City Connection Summer Newsletter

For the latest version of the City Connection newsletter, please visit: City Connection Summer 2018.

The City Connection is South Pasadena's quarterly newsletter.  It features current event updates, photos from city events, news/announcements, meeting schedules and even informative inserts on topics such as hurricane preparedness.  The newsletter is available in print at various locations throughout the city and in City Hall.

City Commission Appoints Ben Thomas

At the May 30, 2018 Special Commission Meeting, Ben Thomas was appointed to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Commissioner Gigi Esposito. 

The City welcomes Commissioner Ben Thomas and looks forward to working with him this year.

ben thomas for website

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